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Pleasure cruises on Sulejów Lagoon

Sulejów Lagoon Beautifully located Sulejów Lagoon ensures wonderful tourist impressions. It is an interesting way of spending time both for organised groups as well as individual guests. Information and registration in Reception

Canoeing down Pilica river, Luciąża river

Canoeing has been the simplest and one of the most interesting ways of spending time for years. It enjoys increasing popularity year after year. Canoeing down rivers in Sulejów Landscape Park, which we organize, leave unforgettable impressions of communing with nature. During a trip one can admire unique flora which in Pilica river valley is a home of various bird species. There are numerous seagulls, terns, sandpipers and swans. One can also spot turquoise feathers of a kingfisher.

For those who just start their adventure with canoe we offer the following routes:

  • White – Podklasztorze harbour – 11.8 km (time about 2 hours)
  • Three Acres – Podklasztorze harbour – 18.4 km (time about 4-5 hours)

Bicycle trips

Information in Reception. Our region is ideal for practicing all forms of bicycle tourism. Riding a bicycle one can cover long distances and in the meantime reach valuable corners of nature, with many reserves and monuments, as well as enjoy sights of picturesque fields and meadows.

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z proponowanymi ścieżkami rowerowymi

Nordic Walking

Wokół Hotelu Podklasztorze znajduje się wiele ścieżek i szlaków turystycznych. Kijki do Nordic walking dostępne są w recepcji.

Sledge and winter equipment for children

Hotel Podklasztorze is well-prepared for winter family craziness. Beautiful landscapes and woods of Pilica Forest foster sledging. In winter time you can rent sledge for free in Reception.

Sulejów Lagoon

Sulejów Lagoon makes a perfect place for practicing various water sports, including sailing and canoeing. People who prefer other ways of spending time will also find something for themselves – walking routes, bicycle paths and local attractions. The Lagoon is surrounded by Spała and Sulejów Landscape Parks with numerous natural reserves. There are many charming places which makes the whole region ideal for sightseeing and natural tours.

Horse riding – Two Ponds

Hotel Podklasztorze remains in close cooperation with a horse-breeding farm which conducts horse riding lessons for beginners but also improves skills of advanced riders. The farm invites for trips on horseback which involves walkin in the woods and meadows, washing horses in Sulejów Lagoon or even picking mushroom.

Parachute jumps

PeTe Skydive (link) is the first Parachute Zone and School in Poland established in 2002 by the most experienced instructors who wanted to introduce western standards of training and jumping. We encourage our thrill-seeking Guests to make the most of the club in Piotrków.

Sports ground in Sulejów

Guests can enjoy a sports ground in Sulejów that includes:

  • football pitch
  • volleyball court
  • basketball court

Special offer

Hotel Podklasztorze means more than hospitality. It is one of the best preserved Cistercian bands that are the pearl of Romanesque architecture, Belonging to the 12th-century Cistercian Abbey. See for yourself.

Bestow your closest family even without leaving the house!

No idea for an original and remarkable present?

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Businessman Package

Time for business in the Cistercian climate...

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Castle engagement

We will take care of every detail and special setting...

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Weekend in Spa for Her in the 12th century Cistercian Abbey

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It is a great pleasure for us that Hotel Podklasztorze was awarded with many prizes. For example it was listed among the Most Amazing Hotels in Poland. Hotel Podklasztorze also takes care of the youngest Guests and is awarded with a title of “Family-friendly hotel” year after year.

Exceptional location

Exceptional location of a historic hotel within the 12th century Cistercian Abbey, close by blue waters of Pilica river, in vicinity to Sulejow Lagoon makes the place ideal both for those craving for relaxation as well as for thrill-seekers.

Hotel Podklasztorze is a historic hotel right in the centre of Poland – only 120 km from Warsaw and not far from Lodz. Settled in the central Poland makes a perfect place to organize an event for companies and corporations that have agencies in different parts of Poland.


Hotel Podklasztorze
ul. Władysława Jagiełły 1
97-330 Sulejów
tel.: +48 44 610 24 00
kom. +48 695 320 485
fax: +48 44-616 20 02


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