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Hotel Podklasztorze has had rich experience in organizing events, trainings, conferences. We are a unique site in comparison to other hotels in the region and Poland in general. Our Hotel offers over 110 accommodation places and a broad range of possibilities to organize varied attractions to conference groups.


Hotel Podklasztorze offers 50 stylish rooms that emphasize historic character of the structure and can hold about 120 Guests.
All rooms in Hotel Podklasztorze are Wi-Fi equipped, ensure comfortable relaxation and a high level of functionality. Most of the rooms were redecorated in 2015
See how our rooms look like.

Conference rooms

Period furnished conference rooms also give a range of possibilities. The biggest room can hold over 110 people and more than just their names – “Friary”, ‘Abbatial” or “Chapterhouse” – tell about their exceptional character. In the summer we encourage you to organize conferences, banquets and meetings outdoors in a tent standing in the Hotel courtyard.

Professionalism in every detail

In order to have your meeting conducted professionally we offer rich conference resources including technical and audiovisual equipment, such as stable Wi-Fi access, overhead projectors, sound system, flipcharts. When you organize a conference in Hotel Podklasztorze, you receive comprehensive support of a Hotel coordinator and competent service of the entire crew.


In order to prepare an offer dedicated to you, please contact our marketing and sales department:
Tel. +48-44 616 26 06
Mob. 693 555 807
or by e-mail:

Special offer

Hotel Podklasztorze means more than hospitality. It is one of the best preserved Cistercian bands that are the pearl of Romanesque architecture, Belonging to the 12th-century Cistercian Abbey. See for yourself.

Bestow your closest family even without leaving the house!

No idea for an original and remarkable present?

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Businessman Package

Time for business in the Cistercian climate...

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Castle engagement

We will take care of every detail and special setting...

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Weekend in Spa for Her in the 12th century Cistercian Abbey

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It is a great pleasure for us that Hotel Podklasztorze was awarded with many prizes. For example it was listed among the Most Amazing Hotels in Poland. Hotel Podklasztorze also takes care of the youngest Guests and is awarded with a title of “Family-friendly hotel” year after year.

Exceptional location

Exceptional location of a historic hotel within the 12th century Cistercian Abbey, close by blue waters of Pilica river, in vicinity to Sulejow Lagoon makes the place ideal both for those craving for relaxation as well as for thrill-seekers.

Hotel Podklasztorze is a historic hotel right in the centre of Poland – only 120 km from Warsaw and not far from Lodz. Settled in the central Poland makes a perfect place to organize an event for companies and corporations that have agencies in different parts of Poland.


Hotel Podklasztorze
ul. Władysława Jagiełły 1
97-330 Sulejów
tel.: +48 44 610 24 00
kom. +48 695 320 485
fax: +48 44-616 20 02


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