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Zapraszamy już do naszego obiektu. Informujemy jednak, że w części zachodniej naszego hotelu nadal trwają prace remontowe nad modernizacją strefy basenowej oraz SPA. Staramy się aby nie były one uciążliwe.

Już niebawem nasi Goście będą mogli cieszyć się doskonałym relaksem i wypoczynkiem, które zapewnią: nowoczesny kompleks basenowy, z wydzieloną strefą dla dzieci, jacuzzi, basenem floatingowym, tężnią solankową oraz sześcioma gabinetami Spa. Zapewniamy, że indywidualny charakter naszego obiektu stanie się jeszcze bardziej wyrazisty i dostrzegalny. Zmiany w Hotelu Podklasztorze z pewnością przypadną do gustu wszystkim naszym Gościom. Nowa strefa basenowa oraz SPA & WELLNESS dostępna będzie dla Gości do końca 2019 r.



At the Podklasztorze Hotel you will not be bored. Whatever the season, we offer a lot of attractions for the whole family. From blissful relaxation in SPA zone to exhausting effort during a cycling tour around Sulejów Lake. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our possibilities.


Hotel Podklasztorze is more than just a magic place owing to history of the 12th century Cistercian Abbey but it also means plenty of attractions for our Guests. Even during adverse weather you will certainly not get bored here. Check for yourself.


Exceptional location of the Hotel near Sulejow Lagoon and blue waters of Pilica river makes fans of water sports unwilling to leave the place. Moreover, plenty of attractions await lovers of horse riding or of blissful rest in a natural setting. Check what more Hotel Podklasztorze is offering.


If you like to learn more about the neighbourhood of the hotel where to book a room, you will certainly not get bored here. However, you had better booked more than 2 days as there are many beautiful places around. We especially recommend Blue Springs in Tomaszow Mazowiecki.


Owing to picturesque location of Hotel Podklasztorze, the surrounding area abounds in numerous bicycle paths and hiking trails. We encourage you to learn more about our proposals.

Special offer

Hotel Podklasztorze means more than hospitality. It is one of the best preserved Cistercian bands that are the pearl of Romanesque architecture, Belonging to the 12th-century Cistercian Abbey. See for yourself.

Easter 2018

Family holidays in the 12-th century Cistercian Abbey in Sulejow

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Businessman Package

Time for business in the Cistercian climate...

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Castle engagement

We will take care of every detail and special setting...

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Weekend in Spa for Her in the 12th century Cistercian Abbey

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It is a great pleasure for us that Hotel Podklasztorze was awarded with many prizes. For example it was listed among the Most Amazing Hotels in Poland. Hotel Podklasztorze also takes care of the youngest Guests and is awarded with a title of “Family-friendly hotel” year after year.

Exceptional location

Exceptional location of a historic hotel within the 12th century Cistercian Abbey, close by blue waters of Pilica river, in vicinity to Sulejow Lagoon makes the place ideal both for those craving for relaxation as well as for thrill-seekers.

Hotel Podklasztorze is a historic hotel right in the centre of Poland – only 120 km from Warsaw and not far from Lodz. Settled in the central Poland makes a perfect place to organize an event for companies and corporations that have agencies in different parts of Poland.


Hotel Podklasztorze
ul. Władysława Jagiełły 1
97-330 Sulejów
tel.: +48 44 610 24 00
kom. +48 695 320 485
fax: +48 44-616 20 02
e-mail: recepcja@hotelpodklasztorze.pl


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