Occasional events

Here in Mead and Wine restaurant, situated in Hotel Podklasztorze, we will organize your dream party. Enchanting and unique interior of Hotel Podklasztorze rooms, variety of tastes as well as friendly and professional service will satisfy even the most demanding Guests.

Hotel Podklasztorze is an extraordinary place also because of its exceptional courtyard, wonderful view, complex of Cistercian buildings and vicinity of Pilica river. The Hotel makes a perfect setting for outdoor events during spring and summer in a specially prepared banquet tent for up to 130 people.

We offer ready packages for receptions celebrating christening, communion, birthday and other occasions. We also specialize in organizing wedding parties. Every menu can be modified. On request we compose individual sets of dishes. To your order we will bring in selected liqueurs from all over the world.

It would be our pleasure to accept every challenge you would set to us. Your satisfaction is the most significant determinant of our activity.

Our offer of an occasional event includes:

  • Extensive menu, exquisite meals inspired by traditional Cistercian cuisine
  • Individual design, arrangement and decoration of tables adjusted to you preferences
  • Specialized assistance of a headwaiter during preparation and throughout the event
  • Accommodation for 120 people. Nights for guests in special prices.
  • Courtyard and green areas are at the Guests’ disposal
  • Parking places for all Guests in a closed, monitored parking lot

Please, contact marketing department for reservation
kom. 693-555-807
e-mail: marketing@hotelpodklasztorze.pl

Special offer

Hotel Podklasztorze means more than hospitality. It is one of the best preserved Cistercian bands that are the pearl of Romanesque architecture, Belonging to the 12th-century Cistercian Abbey. See for yourself.

Bestow your closest family even without leaving the house!

No idea for an original and remarkable present?

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Businessman Package

Time for business in the Cistercian climate...

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Castle engagement

We will take care of every detail and special setting...

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Weekend in Spa for Her in the 12th century Cistercian Abbey

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It is a great pleasure for us that Hotel Podklasztorze was awarded with many prizes. For example it was listed among the Most Amazing Hotels in Poland. Hotel Podklasztorze also takes care of the youngest Guests and is awarded with a title of “Family-friendly hotel” year after year.

Exceptional location

Exceptional location of a historic hotel within the 12th century Cistercian Abbey, close by blue waters of Pilica river, in vicinity to Sulejow Lagoon makes the place ideal both for those craving for relaxation as well as for thrill-seekers.

Hotel Podklasztorze is a historic hotel right in the centre of Poland – only 120 km from Warsaw and not far from Lodz. Settled in the central Poland makes a perfect place to organize an event for companies and corporations that have agencies in different parts of Poland.


Hotel Podklasztorze
ul. Władysława Jagiełły 1
97-330 Sulejów
tel.: +48 44 610 24 00
kom. +48 695 320 485
fax: +48 44-616 20 02
e-mail: recepcja@hotelpodklasztorze.pl


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